Tuesday, August 26, 2008

it's almost time again....

so, i'm finally updating again. at the request of one of my regular readers....i'm terrible at this blogging thing! lol!!!

so, last week i lost 7.8lbs! my total is 106.2lbs lost.

great right? except here's my issue. every time i hit the 100lb mark, i sabotage myself. i end up gaining the following week or two....

i WI on thursday....so far i've been completely OP this week...so....here's hoping!!!

(i'll try and remember to update on thursday!)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

DBF pix!!!!!!!!

hey guys!!!!

so, i have had a rough eating week already. i seem to sabotage myself when i get close to a milestone, or in this case to goal. boooooo. (i could also be over eating cuz i'm due for TOM...) but i'm gonna start fresh tomorrow! i'm still on track with my exercise, probably more so than i've ever been!

well, the moment you've all been waiting for. pictures of DBF!!!!!! :D and he's so darned cute!

Monday, August 4, 2008

feelin good!

well, it was brought to my attention that i haven't updated this blog in about a month.....oops! sorry guys! i just didn't really think anyone read this! but here's an update for you!

as of this week's WI (last thursday) i was finally back down to where i was before going to edmonton! actually, i weigh less!

i am now at my lowest weight....165.6! i am down 103.8!

woot woot! this puts me only 20.6lbs away from my goal weight! plus, i have my consultation with the plastic surgeon regarding my tummy tuck booked for september 19th! i'm really nervous, but i know it's a good thing. i can't believe i'm only 20lbs away....so in order to get myself to goal, i have created a challenge on the boards. all are welcome. the challenge is to stay OP and lose 20lbs. you are not under any sort of time constraints or anything. the point is just to hold ourselves accountable if we fall off the wagon, and get back up on it!

i guess that is pretty much it for me....