Tuesday, April 29, 2008

boys are smelly....

this is what i've decided. boys are smelly.

he doesn't actually smell....in fact, i love the way he smells. however, his home situation is quite complicated (most of you who read this blog know the deal) and he's starting to feel bad for "putting me in the position i'm in" when it's my decision. so now he's starting to second guess the relationship.

this sucks cuz i'm totally smitten with him and have pretty much fallen head over heals for him.

humbug. we have been talking it through, but i'm not really sure quite where we stand right now.

anywhoo, i'm just under the 90lb mark! woot woot! i'm hoping to lose again this week....hopefully the stress will help! lol!! i want to hit the 100lb mark by june 7 which is my 1 year anniversary on WW. it'll be tight, but it can be done!

i also found out that i will be able to get a tummy tuck covered by ohip! while it's exciting, it's also kind of scary.....but that's at least 35 pounds away, so i'll worry about that later!

Friday, April 18, 2008

where have i been???

wow, been a while since i've posted here...sorry guys. everyday life just gets busier and busier!

so i'm now down 85.8 pounds. unfortunately, i'm starting to hit a bit of a wall. no plateau as of yet, but i'm getting to a point where i sabotage myself. i seem to constantly want to snack. argh. i'm really going to force myself to buckle down tho. no more snacking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want to hit the 100lb lost mark by june 7. it's going to be tight.

boys are so cute. :)

i'm working on getting a pic of us to post so you can all see him....the whole 2 people who read my blog.......

well, i better get ready to go to spinning class. i'll try not to wait forever before posting again!