Tuesday, January 29, 2008

who feels like crap??

i do i do! **jumps up and down waving arms**

so guess what my favourite souvenir from my vacation is?

my raging uti. argh. went to the doctor today and got some antibiotics so it's getting a bit better already. can't wait till it's gone! but considering some ppl come back from vacay with malaria and hepatitis and god knows what else, i got off easy eh? lol

weigh in on thursday morning. did two workouts today, cyclefit in the a.m. and athletic hour (it's just random aerobics) at night. hopefully i can lose the weight i gained on vacay. i'm so close to onderland....if i could get there this week, that would be awesome! but we'll see. i'll be happy just lose some! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008


so, i'm back from my first WI since i got back from vacay. since i missed last week's WI, it was for 2 weeks. ready for this??

i was up 4.8

argh. i guess there's nothing to do now but just get back on the horse and keep trying right?

Monday, January 21, 2008

i'm home!

well guys, i'm back from my vacay! i'm gonna post a couple pics, but not too many.

i think i gained about 10 pounds on vacation, but it was so worth it! :) i had a blast! i went horseback riding, and saw a local school, and went to the beach, and on a catamaran boat, and all kinds of other stuff! :D

still, it's nice to be home.

Friday, January 11, 2008


OMG! i leave for the dominican in 31 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

WI this morning!

ok folks. the last WI before my vacation was this morning....who's ready for the results?

down 3.6!!! so close to my goal of being in onderland by vacation! i am now 200.4 pounds. oh well. still happy! :)

so tuesday afternoon i had my first mammogram....not fun, but glad i did it.

so i leave on sunday morning for my vacation....if anyone has any suggestions of stuff i shouldn't forget, please let me know!!!!

that's about all for now i guess, gotta go get ready for work. i will be posting a new progress picture when i lose 70 total and hit onderland! can't wait!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

almost vacation time!

well, today was a busy busy day! i got up and went to cyclefit this morning. of course, when i get to the ymca, they inform me that my membership has expired and it's renewal time. argh...fees went up. bah humbug. lol! it's worth it tho.

so i renew my membership before class. go cycle, then do a little ab work. then i went to the bank and got some american money for my trip. :) then i went to the beauty supply shop to get some stuff for work. then i had subway for lunch. again. it's just about the only place i feel comfortable eating at on the WW plan. i know i could have mcdonalds if i wanted it, but i feel icky eating it. lol!

so then i had to go to the doctor. for a mammogram. i was not impressed. they squished my boobs and it was uncomfortable. but i suppose it's a good thing to do. but definitely not fun.

so then i went to the laundromat and did 3 loads of laundry. god i hate laundry.then i went for a tan, then came home and put away the laundry! lolso that was my day off....a very busy day off. the next few days leading up to my trip will be particularly busy. but the trip will be sooooooo worth it!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

what a day....

oy. what a freaken day. work was insanely busy today....i didn't even get to eat lunch until like, 4 o'clock! but it was kinda good cuz i went to the gym after work so i had some energy! lol!

worked out sooooo hard.....stupid dave making me run up and down flights of stairs with weights.....argh......but it's for the better. besides, after he finished beating me up at the gym i got to hang with him at timmies, and that's always good times! lol!

tomorrow is a busy day full of sleeping in, going tanning in preparation for my vacation, and going to the gym. then giving dave a haircut. that's about it. lmao....so busy.....hahaha!

i can't believe i leave for vacation in one week! i'm freaking out, but it's gonna be so much fun!!!! puerto plata, here i come!

p.s. i start teaching my regular cyclefit class at the ymca on wednesday! it will be every wednesday at 7 o'clock pm. i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

WI today....

so i had weigh in this morning. i won't lie, i was slightly dissappointed. i was down .6 of a pound.

now, i know everyone is gonna go "but you were still down!" and i know, and i'm glad. but i killed myself this week at the gym....i guess i just really wanted to reach my goal of being under 200 pounds before my vacation. right now i'm 204 exactly....so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i guess we'll see....i have one more WI before i leave!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

my first post on my new blog!

well, i decided to create a blog for the new year. no real reason, i just felt like i wanted somewhere to post progress pictures and random little blurbs. :)

so a little background....

i originally joined the YMCA last january. i was trying to diet and work out and lose weight by myself without following any kind of plan. it wasn't working. so, on june 7 2007 i attended my very first Weight Watchers meeting.

i weighed in at a staggering 269.4 lbs. wow. holy crap. i've been working hard at the gym and on the WW plan. my weigh ins are every thursday morning. thus far i've lost 64.8 pounds, and i weigh 204.6

i am leaving on vacation on january 13 for a week to the dominican republic. i'm hoping to be under 200 lbs by then, but who knows?? :)