Friday, March 21, 2008

TOI Baby!!!!!

sooooooo much fun! i had a fantastic time!

for those of you who don't know what it is, it stands for Toronto Invasion. the gta was invaded by tonz of fellow WWers, including some from edmonton AB and brandon MB!!! (i love you guys btw!!!!)

the weekend started out with me driving from work in welland to toronto. should have been a simple thing....right guys? not for me. i'm special. i got very very lost. took me 3 freaken hours. i finally get there and we went to souther accents for dinner. very good! had 3 glasses of wine with dinner...not a good idea....but the waiter was cute! then we went to the pub where me and my long lost older twin (IzzyBear!!!!!) got very very drunk together and i got to play wingman! go me! then it was back to my find 2 parking tickets. boooourns!

the next day we went to the CN tower for lunch and it was fantastic! some random little boy on the glass floor fell in love with me and attatched himself to my leg. it was cute...and creepy.

unfortunately, after all the fun i had to go home. so i did. at which time i decided i had blown my WW week so badly already that i wanted pizza for dinner. which i got and ate the leftovers on tuesday for lunch.

after all the food and booze, i managed to only gain.......

.8 of a pound! woot woot! go me!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


woo hoo! down 78.8 pounds!!!!! i posted a new progress pic. i now officially weigh 190.6 lbs!!!!

and i'm buying a new car! i'm going this morning to look at a 2005 PT Cruiser....i'm quite excited.....

anywhoo, just a quick post cuz i gotta go look at the car! yay!!!!!!