Sunday, May 11, 2008

boys are no longer smelly!

nope. not one bit. in fact, they are fantastic! :)

well, just one in particular. and i guess he's not a boy, he's a man, but details aside he's superfantabulous and i am very very very smitten with him. :) we got to spend some time together today and it was so nice! we used to hang out on sundays all the time when we were just friends, now we don't get the chance as much cuz he usually spends time with his kids. plus we used to spend our time working out, now we just hang out and enjoy each other's company. today we did a really good run and went for a swim then hung out in the sauna. it was nice!

so you may have noticed that i said we went for a run. those of you who know me at all know that i don't run! well, i've decided to train to run the 5k around the bay next year. i gave myself a year to prepare in. hopefully i can do it! i'm sure with my trainer's help i can do it!

so i'm now down 91.6 lbs! i have 4 more weigh ins before my 1 year anniversary on WW. i want to lose 8.4 lbs in that time. it can be done but it will be tight. i'll be pretty close to the 100lb mark on june 7 anyways. (i'm close now!)

i'm going to take a new progress picture when i hit the 100 lb mark. hope it's soon!

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